Презентация на тему: Природа родного края

Презентация на тему: Природа родного края

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Категория: Без категории
Уровень: 8 класс
Загрузил(а): Настя Бурлакова
Размер: 534 кб
Просмотров: 698

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Презентация на тему: Природа родного края, слайды:

Слайд 1 «Природа родного края» Подготовили: Вагнер Е.С., учитель английского языка МАОУ СОШ №56 УИМ, Максимов М., ученик 8 «А» класса.

Слайд 2 POEM There is a flower in the field sitting still though the wind blows For it can be seen in bending leaves that the trees waves so But how it stand upon the land and never wave nor bend Is nothing new for she hold true and doesn't bend with every wind.

Слайд 3 Word expressions be located divide into several parts memorial concentrate according to sights be an important polluted land attractive part of the local economy

Слайд 4 Word expressions plants highly developed factories educational establishments outdoor activities entertainment citizen

Слайд 5 My native place I was born in a small town where my granny lived,Miass. But a few years later my parents decided to move to another place because they got jobs there.

Слайд 6 My native place So, now I live in a wonderful town of Magnitogorsk, which is located in Chelyabinsky region. The town is divided into several parts but the main division may be as follows: Europe and Asia. Different concerts and international festivals are held here, there are many attractive sights. However, the main tourist attraction is our Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works which has become a great tourist attraction of my town and an important part of the local economy .The streets are full of people the roads are full of cars as in any other town or city.

Слайд 7 My native place It is the place where you can easily find lots of cafes, restaurants and hotels. In general, the town is highly industrially developed. There are a lot of plants and factories. At the same time it is a student town due to many educational establishments and schools. In addition, if you like to do outdoor activities or relax in the nature, there are a lot of parks and gardens, which, by the way, make the town look green and fresh in spite of the fact that it is known as a very polluted land. I am sure that people of ages can find what to do in Magnitogorsk because there is a lot of entertainment there, which varies from disco clubs and cinemas to art galleries and libraries.

Слайд 8 My native place This is the town of contrasts. I am really glad that I am its citizen.

Слайд 9 Plan: Beginning Attractions Conclusion

Слайд 10 My native place

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