Презентация на тему: My Motherland

Презентация на тему: My Motherland

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Презентация на тему: My Motherland, слайды:

Слайд 1 Welcome to the Pearl of Russia- Valdai. Ilyina E. V. School N 515

Слайд 2 Where is Valdai?Тне соат of arms. The sightseeings of Valdai. Valdai is a counrty of lakes. Tourism in Valdai. Do you know Valdai well?Contents

Слайд 3 Where is Valdai? Valdai is situated in the North-west of Russia. This ancient town is in the very centre of Valdaihills,on the coast of Valdai lake.

Слайд 4 The coat of arms. The draft of the XIX century. The Soviet coat of arms. Nowadays

Слайд 5 The historic coat of arms. A shield cut in two by a perpendicular line An empire crown on the fur. A green hill showing mountainous grounds of Valdai

Слайд 6 The sightseeings of Valdai.

Слайд 7 Martur Katherin church. It was built in 1793. It was a road palacechurch for Katherine II. It is near the main. Road Moscow-St. Petersburgh. Now it is Bells museum.

Слайд 8 Iverskiy monastery. It was founded in 1653 by patriarch Nicon. It was on fire many times. The monastery was closed in 1927and opened in 1997. There are 5temples in the monastery. The monastery is on one of thepicturesque islands of Valdai lake. Every summer it is visited by a lot of tourists.

Слайд 9 St. Trinity cathedral. The cathedral is in Svoboda Square. It was the first brick building in Valdai in1694 . It was the House of Culture during Soviet times. In 1993it was on fire but was rebuilt. Many bells werebrought. The bell weighs 250 kg!

Слайд 10 Jakob Borovochskiy s chapel. It is situated near the road not far from the centre of Valdai. It is on alofty hill at Katherine church. Now there is a religious bookshop.

Слайд 11 Museum of a chief town. It was opend in 1998. It is in the centre of Valdai and in the two-storeyed mansion of the XIXcen. There you can see a lot of portraits,things,letters,postcards dealt with the past of Valdai and its people.

Слайд 12 St. Peter and Paul`s church. This church was built in 1853. It is a stone one. The. Chuch is attracted by itsunusual structure.

Слайд 13

Слайд 14 http/valdai.com/fishinghttp/valdai.com/resthttp/valdai.com/tourism. Every summer a lot of. Tourists come to Valdai !Everyone who will see themarvellous Valdai landscapes for the firsttime ,will exclaim:« Paradise is on the sky,but. Valdai is on the ground!!!»Enjoy your visiting Valdai !

Слайд 15 Museum of a chief town. Iverskiy monastery. St. Trinity cathedral. What is it?

Слайд 16 Your homework1. Make up a dialogue about Valdai2. Write a letter to your friend about Valdai3. Find more information about the town

Слайд 17 Used sources1. Сайт города Валдай режим доступа: http://valday.com/ 3. Путеводитель Валдайского национального парка, Тверь ,изд-во ООО НТИФ,,2005.2. Живой GIF. Режим доступа: http://www.livegif.ru

Слайд 18 Самооценка мероприятия. I enjoy. I like it. I am indifferent

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